On this page you can see what they say about Dan Zhu in media and read some of the selected reviews.

Client Photo
- Maestro Zubin Mehta

"Exceptionally talented violinist and a first class musician"

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- Die Welt

"distinctive dramaturgy of contrasts, crystalline tones with intensity and sensitivity"​

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- Boston Musical Intelligencer

"Truly brilliant, compelling, and polished"

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- The Strad magazine

“Artist of affecting humility and beautiful tone production”

Client Photo
- Maestro Zubin Mehta

"Exceptionally talented violinist and a first class musician"

Client Photo
- Münchner Merkur

“Perfect Playing”

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- Prof. Gerhard Oppitz

“Most significantly talented violinist of his generation, reached an outstandingly high artistic level concerning the art of violin playing as well as the combination of intelligence and sensitivity allowing him to approach the individual musical message of the relevant composer”

Client Photo
- Maestro Christoph Eschenbach

“One of the most precious violin talents of today, he combines the highest virtuosity with deepest musical insight and his never ending imagination gives him the liberty to offer his interpretations with utmost conviction and great charisma”


La Provincia di Cremona ​review.jpg

"Music comes from the heart,
the Beethovenian revolution“

- La Provincia di Cremona

Review on Dan Zhu’s recitals with pianist Kun-Woo Paik on Beethoven sonatas for violin and piano, at Auditorium Giovanni Arvedi, Museo del Violino, Cremona, Italy. September 2020

“…Proprio in queste aree dell’ espressione muove la ricerca di Dan Zhu, con un violino Ombono Stradivari del 1737, e il pianista Kun-Woo Paik, protagonisti ieri all’Auditorium Giovanni Arvedi del Museo del Violino, del primo del due concerti dedicati a Beethoven nel 250esimo anniversario della nascita…” read more

Luzerner Zeitung Review.pdf

"Höhenrausch mit exzellenten Musikernr" (Ecstacy at the Peak with excellent Musicians)

- by Luzerner Zeitung

Review of Dan Zhu’s concerts at Rigi Musiktage 2020, Switzerland

“Violinist Dan Zhu, Diemut Poppen on the viola and the cellist Danjulo Ishizaka united with pianist Matan Porat to create a congenial chamber music formation. Clear articulation, fragrant delicacy and organic commonality in feeling and expression went far beyond simple interaction…… One were completely absorbed into the rich sonority…..Marvelously played with intensity and passion. All the soulful emotions were found in their performance.”…

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Paris Recital Review.pdf

"The musical journey shared with Dan Zhu will not be a long quiet river either"


Review of Paris Recital with pianist Michel Dalberto

“The musical journey shared with Dan Zhu will not be a long quiet river either: the piano tends to assert itself with verve, almost taking over the subtle but rather sensitively projected sound of the violin in Mozart’s A major Sonata KV.526. As the perfectly mastered bow control finds his way along, it reveals itself in the… more

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Berkshire Review.pdf

"Dan Zhu triumphs, Christoph Eschenbach conducts the BSO at Tanglewood Festival"

- Berkshire Review

Dan Zhu with Christoph Eschenbach and Boston Symphony Orchestra, Tanglewood Festival

Leonard Bernstein wrote in a variety of manners and showed a variety of influences. None of them seems to have established itself among a broad audience. I had hoped that the Serenade (after Plato’s Symposium) might show a sophisticated side of the composer which was somehow close to the special gifts he had, but, alas, it is another shallow show piece, which doesn’t get to the heart of anything, much less Plato’s dialogue… more

Lavoce Review.pdf

"Dan Zhu, violinista geniale"

- Lavoce (in Italian)

Memorable concert in honour of Bernstein

Che dire di Dan Zhu? Definire questo giovanissimo e affermato artista del violino “geniale”, non ci pare un epiteto lontano dalla realtà. Anzi. Nonostante i tanti e talentuosi violinisti passati per il Teatro di Fiume, non ricordiamo uno che gli sia uguale. Non ricordiamo un violinista di una tale estrema intelligenza e sensibilità musicali, di tale dominio sullo strumento e siffatta raffinatezza. Il suo impegno era la “Serenade” di Leonard Bernstein in cinque movimenti, composizione ispirata al “Simposio“ di Platone, per violino, archi, percussioni e arpa che rimane una delle sue composizioni più liriche per orchestra…. more

Münchner Merkur Review.pdf

"Perfect Play"

- Münchner Merkur

Ebersberger Klavierzyklus offers outstanding concert enjoyment with guest violinist Dan Zhu and pianist Oliver Triendl

“Did you ever hear of Bright Sheng? He is the author of the musical work “Three Fantasies” which was performed by the young violinist Dan Zhu in the “Altes Kino” as first performance in Europe. Both, composer and performer originate from China. It was one of Dan Zhu’s first recitals in Germany whereas he is already a star in his home country. He also brought works by Claude Debussy, Karol Szymanowski and Cesar Franck…. more

La Presse Review.pdf

"Shenzhen symphonique, Chine virtuose"

- La Presse, Montreal

North American concert tour with Shenzhen Symphony Orchestra

“L’escale montréalaise de l’Orchestre symphonique de Shenzhen, ville sans histoire devenue mégapole asiatique en quelques décennies, illustre bien cette croissance phénoménale. Le violoniste Dan Zhu est le soliste invité de ce programme dominical de l’orchestre chinois, présenté à la Maison symphonique. Originaire de Pékin, où ses parents vivent toujours, ce virtuose de 33 ans est venu achever ses études de musique à New York. Dès l’âge de 9 ans, il fut repéré par la communauté classique chinoise…. more Review.pdf

"Proteklo je sve zlato dana"


Dan Zhu with Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra

That is why Dan Zhu takes you into another reality as a fired-up being- you have the impression that a frenzied trio races through the sound of his Korngold piece from the very beginning, pondering the ravines of “Avatar” for instance, flying on the living machines of the instrument. Dan Zhu is a violin virtuoso of a victorious tone, with thick layers of colour, which as an entranced song flashes a plurality of events on the ground, overlooking from a kind of superior vantage point… more

Die Welt.pdf

"Jointly with eternal breath"

- Die Welt

Tzimon Barto and Dan Zhu at Schleswig-Holstein Musik- Festival in Haseldorf

Both artists granted us an intimate Preludium. In the Adagio middle-movement they even evoke a pianissimo dream sequence giving expression to the Mozartseriousness with quiet majesty. Barto and Zhu thus play chamber music in its pure literal sense. But that is not all… more

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